5-chloropentanoyl chloride CAS No1575-61-7

5-chloropentanoyl chloride is one of our main products, exported to Japan and India, with an annual export volume of 300 tons. It is the largest manufacturer in China at present. Our products have stable quality and high purity, and are deeply trusted and praised by customers. 5- Chlorovaleryl chloride is an important synthetic intermediate of pyrazole herbicides. 5- Chlorovaleryl chloride is used as the raw material of 1,1,7- trichloro -1- heptene -3- one, and then the third generation of pyrazole herbicides can be synthesized. Pyrazole herbicides have the characteristics of super-efficient herbicidal activity, high selectivity, extremely low lactation toxicity and good environmental characteristics, etc., and are the hot spots of herbicide research in the world in recent years. With the increasing demand for high-efficiency herbicides, the demand for 5- chlorovaleryl chloride as an intermedi2654ate is gradually increasing.

Post time: Jul-22-2022