• Light initiator

    Light initiator In the photocurable system, including UV glue, UV coating, UV ink, etc., chemical changes occur after receiving or absorbing external energy, and decompose into free radicals or cations, thus triggering the polymerization reaction. Photoinitiators are substances that can produce f...
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  • Pharmaceutical intermediates

    Pharmaceutical intermediates In the 1990 s, domestic production of ammonia thiamethoxam oxime acid of more than 20 enterprises market competition is increasingly fierce competition between enterprises is caused by technical innovation first falling cost up to now the domestic ammonia thiamethoxam...
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  • Pesticide intermediate

    Pesticide intermediate Pesticide is an important means of production in agricultural production, which plays an extremely important role in controlling diseases, pests and weeds, stabilizing and improving crop yield. Although affected by the price of agricultural products, planting area, climate,...
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