• Butyl rubber regeneration

    Butyl rubber regeneration

    Butyl reclaimed rubber belongs to an important category of reclaimed rubber. With more than 900 butyl inner tubes as raw materials, it is refined by 80 mesh filtration after desulfurization by the most advanced decomposition process. It has the characteristics of good strength, high fineness, strong air tightness and rich hand elasticity. It can be used alone to produce butyl rubber products such as small butyl inner tubes, butyl capsules, butyl sealing strips, etc. It can also be used togeth...
  • Ethyl p-dimethylaminobenzoate

    Ethyl p-dimethylaminobenzoate

    EDB is a highly effective amine promoter that can be used in conjunction with UV initiators such as ITX and DETX for UV curing of ink, varnish and coating systems on paper, wood, metal and plastic surfaces.
    The recommended concentration for EDB is 2.0-5.0%, and the additive concentration for photoinitiators used in conjunction with it is 0.25-2.0%.